13 May 2019

How Allah Makes it Easy for Us to be Consistent.

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My last post was on 17th March, and now its already May omggggg i dont even know how should i start writing this post, this is so so awkward. I remember saying this on my really first post that i gonna make a blog post every weekends but i guess being CONSISTENT is not that easy *sigh 

Anyway, i think you already catch a glimpse of what i am going to write today. Its about Consistency.

Think about the time when we are trying to walk for the very first time at the age of maybe two or three years old (?) I guess we dont even remember that time because we were too small enough back then. But i think as we grow older to the age that we are currently now, i guess we can relate that there is a powerful force that makes us keep trying to walk, even if we fall down a hundred times, right ?

That powerful force is consistency

Most of us think that consistency is an extremely difficult trait to have, but hey its not! If you think so, think back of that little kid you were once before who is consistently trying over and over again to walk and run until finally, she succeeded. I mean, if that little kid can do it, you also can do it! Besides, if consistency is almost impossible to us human being, why did Allah even created 'consistency' in the first place, and even encouraged us to be the people of consistency if it is really beyond our means?

It might be hard, but its not impossible. 

Being consistent doesnt mean that everything have to be perfect. There will be times when you are too lazy to do something that you've been consistently doing, well that's okay. Thats what a normal being should feel. You are always allowed to slip, to take a rest. That why Allah created us human; not an angel. To allow us to make mistakes. But that doesnt mean that you should always stay there without doing nothing and keep thinking that you are a complete failure. No! Never beat yourself up for too long, you dont deserve it. What you really do deserve is a room for improvement. When you slipped and you feel that you cannot keep going, just think about this: Allah is always so compassionate that He always makes it easy for us to be consistent.

How is it that Allah makes us easy to be consistent? By giving us to choose whatever deed that we want to be consistent in.

"Verily, the most beloved Deed to Allah is that which an individual is the most consistent upon". (Al-Bukhari)
Notice that in this hadith, Rasulullah didnt specifically mention which deed exactly. The key is just to be consistent! Masha Allah, doesnt this shows how sweet and compassionate Allah is towards us. No matter how big or small that deed is, even if it is just the smallest deed like giving a smile to other people, Allah still accept it, and even loves it. He really knows how weak we are, how certain people cannot do the things that other people might be able to do, He also knows that each of us differs. To think of this, i think that Allah really really loves us a lot that He is giving us an immense reward even for the smallest little things as long as we are being consistent. Doesn't this also shows how powerful consistency is?

And by Allah giving us the free will to choose whatever deed that we want to be consistent with, this also teaches us to never compare our journey to everyone. Because human being are never the same, even twins themselves would have their own preferences too. We are always special in our own ways. So if you think that you are being too slow compared to other people, dont freak out! You are having your own journey, so as they. Just enjoy your life journey, and try to get to know yourself more and more because in trying to find deed that we can work on being consistent, we should try to discover ourselves first. Find the thing that makes your heart race and also the thing that makes Allah pleased with you.

Whatever it is, just know that you can do it. You always have Allah with you and remember how big and immense Allah's love for you is for He always makes it easy for you. And on this day, i pray that whatever good things that we are trying to be consistent with, may Allah ease our journey.

The fact that Allah is making it easy for you to be consistent, should motivate you to never give up on yourself. Dont give up on yourself, because Allah never gives up on you.

p/s: This content is credited to Aida Azlin. This is the part of the module in the Consistency class that i am currently joining. :)

another p/s: I guess its late, but Ramadan Kareem to every muslim all over the world. May this Ramadan brings back the goodness in ourselves and may this sacred month become the turning point for us to be a lot more consistent in doing good things insyaAllah.

Im having some reflection-moment here over the things and habits i've been doing, on my schedule so on and so forth, so yeah i dont know when i will be updating my next post. So just pray i will come back sooner hahaha lol. But thank you for always visiting this humble blog. I always appreciate your words on my shoutbox and comments thank you!